A New Detroit Tradition

When we came up with the idea of reviving an ancient Dresden stollen tradition and delivering a giant stollen to the Mayor of Detroit, we were thinking of dropping it off at the front desk and calling it a day. But that’s not how it works in the “313”: First, Danielle Kenzick, artist extraordinaire and Avalon-for-lifer, insisted upon decorating the 20# beauty, making it positively “princely” (in Dresden, stollen as large as 36 lbs were ‘delivered to the king by up to 8 bakers and 8 apprentices!). But we worried that security might prevent it from the mayor even tasting it. A well-connected colleague kindly called the Mayor’s office to make sure we could deliver the giant holiday cake. Voila! By the end day, we had a 9 a.m. audience with the Mayor for the following day.

This morning Curtis Wooten, our head baker and I, personally delivered a glorious stollen wreath to Mayor Bing, with a description of the 600 year old stollen history. Mayor Bing graciously accepted the massive holiday cake and even let us snap a few pics. By the time we walked out, Curtis was already thinking about how to make it even bigger next year. Stay tuned…a new Detroit tradition may well be underway!

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