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Guest Blogger: Amy Good

Alternatives For Girls has always thrived on the active engagement of our community. We started back in the late 1980’s as a grassroots effort by folks living around Tiger Stadium who noticed an increase in girls and young women in harm’s way:  joining gangs in unprecedented numbers, resorting to sleeping in abandoned houses and cars, and to street-based prostitution to survive; we found this unacceptable and collectively had no choice but to act.  Since the birth of Avalon International Breads, Ann and Jackie have worked with us to ensure that we can continue to shelter and empower homeless and at-risk girls and young women.

They have supported AFG’s mission in countless creative ways, from simply donating bread and funds, to creating a memorable evening for our key supporters, serving a gourmet seven-course meal as a fundraiser. They have been tireless ambassadors for us, making sure that, despite our miniscule marketing budget, young women were always able to find us and new supporters continue to learn about us. This past December, they appealed to Breadheads on our behalf, helping us raise more money and recruit more volunteers. And now they’re continuing their support with a Valentine’s Day fundraiser, offering tins of brownies, cookies, and other goodies and sharing the proceeds with AFG. Clearly, Avalon International Breads is about nourishing far more than bellies!

Ann and Jackie have acted with great love over the years—for AFG, for homeless and at-risk girls, and for their community. We founded Alternatives For Girls because we would not accept that a girl could fall through the cracks simply due to a shortage of resources. Ann and Jackie recognize that we must fight for the right of these girls and young women to succeed. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we invite you to keep the love going, and to share in this effort to help girls and young women overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to create beautiful, powerful lives.

To learn more about Avalon’s Valentine’s Day fundraiser, click here.

To learn more about how you can become more involved with Alternatives For Girls, visit

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