Record breaking morning at Selma Cafe with Jolly Pumpkin & Avalon International Breads::188!

Guest Blogger: Lisa Gottlieb

Jackie Victor, co-owner of Avalon International Bread, holding a plate of Challah Praline French toast.

Melanie Adams, with Jolly Pumpkin’s Maggie Long.

Avalon staff Curtis Wooter, Elizabeth Jahl, Jackie Vector, Lesley O’Connel, Emma O’Connel, Lauren Trendler

Lauren, Jackie, Maggie & Danielle Le Fevre

Lisa, Maggie & Jackie

(can you tell we just got the news that it was a record breaking day?)

Sometimes the breakfast blog starts with the food, and sometimes with the people. This week, both volunteers and food were fabulous.  And, as awesome as the food was, the chefs and their helpers took Selma Cafe to a new record breaking morning, with 188 breakfasts!

Avalon was rocking the sweet special.  This praline and caramel topped challah French toast, served with a side of veggie hash, hoop greens and a side of bacon was perfect for the sweet toothers this week. Rich with butter, cream and eggs, sweet with caramelized sugar, and flavorful with vanilla and toasted nuts, this dish was really va va voom good.

Thanks to Maggie and the Jolly Pumpkin crew, the second special was the savory option. Starting with a buttery thyme maple biscuit, topped with a perfectly poached egg, and served with a either a slice of roasted pork shoulder or a side of bacon, this special also had a side of the veggie hash and greens. The textures and flavors of this breakfast special were just right for a cold and rainy morning, and it really delivered the wow factor.

Along with the sweet and savory specials, Avalon provided an amazing assortment of baked goods for each table, including cranberry and blueberry muffins, blueberry coffee cake, savory cheese scones, and toasted slices of fruit and nut bread. Even though Avalon is a Detroit bakery, you can find their bread and other baked goods at Arbor Farms, Plum Market, People’s Food Co-op, Morgan & York and The Produce Station.

Thankfully, we had lots of volunteers to help out this week. In addition to the Jolly Pumpkin and Avalon crews, big accolades go out to Susie Baity Stearns for facilitating prep, Andrew Bozio, Melanie Adams and Salomon Jost for expediting and over all kitchen support, Michelle Fortin for leading the clean up crew, and Jennifer Jensen, Jen DeMoss, Erica Bloom, Gary Mazio, Aaron Van Dyke, Annie Dugan, A. Popkey, Jules Cooch, Ruth McAdams, Lexi McMillian Uribe, Rich Kato, Kat Curtis, Kris Kaul, Alicia Spitznagel, Kit, and Robbie Moore. What a great team!

Friday next we have Mill Pond Bread back in the kitchen, and it will be another week of wonderfully delicious bakery goods, plus a couple of tasty specials all for you.

‘Til then, stay cozy, watch those slippery patches on the sidewalk and roads, and find joy in your daily journey.

See you in the kitchen soon,
~ Lisa Gottlieb

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