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***Update: Inkinbloom will also be featured out at Daly in the Alley this year just down the street from Avalon.  If you mention this blog post at their tent during Daly you'll receive 15% off, same goes for the Shop for our newest installment of custom Avalon Inkinbloom up until the end of Daly***

With the summer harvest in full swing, it’s a great time to focus on Made in Michigan. In addition to featuring our wonderful Michigan jam and honey vendors, we would like to introduce you to our new hyper-local t shirt screen printers, Kinga and Andrew Kemp of Inkbloom. Kinga and Andrew were some of our first customers back in 1997  and their daughter Anna (now 13) was the first Avalon baby, fed Avalon goodies from conception. Naturally, she is beautiful, brilliant and an ardent Detroiter. Check out our new very cool colors in women's Detroit Lover tanks and mens Eat Well Do Good shirts all on sale in August. The story of how Andrew and Kinga came about to t-shirt screen printing and Detroit is inspiring, but Andrew and Kinga really say it best...

Flowers from Inkinbloom's garden

"Inkinbloom is just that…Ink in bloom. Inspired design brought to life in full color on all kinds of textiles. Inkinbloom is always water-based and sunbaked. For 20 years we have been increasing Detroit’s thread count, home-printing with inks and emulsions that are non-polluting and biodegradable. If it’s not clean enough for our home then it isn’t clean enough for our world. Water based inks also make a softer hand on the fabric. We strive for carbon neutrality and enjoy printing on U.S. made organically grown cotton and recycled clothing. Our cards are printed on recycled paper from a carbon neutral company. We offset shipping and production carbon by using direct sunlight for drying, curing, and screen exposure whenever possible. In the winter we dry and cure using wood burning stove. We specialize in our own designs but do enjoy printing with others cut from the same cloth.

The home and backyard of Inkinbloom

We printed in Mexican Town starting in 1993 and moved to our near East side print ranch in 2007. That’s the kind of move we like, from Detroit to Detroit. We are now located on Farnsworth Street, printing in our back porch studio, looking over our fruit trees and beehives. Just look for our clothesline waving to you as you bike by."

The newest harvest of Inkinbloom T-Shirts are now available at the Eat Well. Do Good cafe.  The men's white is sharp and darn comfy and the women's new grey tank with orange is a great summer shirt, especially when visiting the shop before Tigers games.  You can also check out Inkinbloom at this year's Dally in the Alley celebration.

New T-Shirts in at the Shop

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