V.O.B. program rewards Avalon “breadheads” and supports independent businesses who support Avalon!

There is nothing quite like the magic of walking into the bakery on Willis. The smells, the conversations, the warmth, the feeling of community in formation. Again and again, customers express to us their delight and gratitude for that space.

And yet, the Avalon community extends far beyond the physical bakery at 422 W. Willis. Every morning Avalon delivery trucks journey to the high quality markets and restaurants that feature Avalon breads and sweets. If the retail bakery is our "bread" those valued wholesale customers are our "butter". In a word, their role in helping Avalon grow and prosper is invaluable. There are many of you who connect with Avalon through these great businesses throughout Ann Arbor and Detroit. Even if you never walk through the door of our flagship store in the Cass Corridor, you too are part of the Avalon Community.

And now, you have the opportunity to earn membership to an elite group of Avalon supporters: Avalon's new V.O.B club. From now through the end of the year, green 100% Organic stickers will appear on our bread bags that will earn you VOB membership and lots of other super cool Avalon-esque stuff.

But here's the rub: You can only obtain the stickers on breads in markets. Stickers will not be available at Avalon. We know that's sort of "against the grain". But we are so passionate about supporting our community of "VOB businesses" that we are rewarding you for supporting them and buying our breads there! We still want to see you, of course. But when you drive by a Plum market, Holiday, Arbor Farms, Produce Station, People's Food Coop, Morgan and York, Harbortown or our oldest customer, Muliers...pull in. Buy your favorite loaf of Avalon breads. And thank them for their good taste in supporting Avalon.

As always, we thank you. For your loyalty, your enthusiasm and your excellent taste.

Read on and learn all about our VOB program. Pick up a passport at Avalon or one of the VOB markets or download it here and start playing! We look forward to seeing the lucky VOB members at the Underground Food Tours in January!

Download the VOB passport HERE.

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