Seva and Avalon: A delicious pairing

The question that vegetarian diners ask themselves at Seva isn't whether there is anything for them to eat, but rather how to choose! Open since 1973, Seva has been one of the longest standing vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Ann Arbor. They are bringing their culinary excellence to Midtown this fall as they open their second location, on E. Forest between Woodward and John R, just blocks from Avalon. From reuben sandwiches with Avalon's Dexter Davison Rye to their impeccable garlic bread on Avalon's Gratiot Avenue Ciabatta, vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike will find something delicious.

The infamous, yet sometimes elusive lasagna special, yum!

From their beginnings in the mid '70s, Seva has come to be know for offering a pleasing aesthetic and wonderful food. Former Avalon associate and current acting Marketing Director for Seva, Lauren Trendler, says that the restaurant has grown with the market throughout the years, continuing to lead vegetarian cuisine in the area. According to Trendler, “We've always had great resonance with our community of patrons, but have never been insular.” This warm culture is evident when visiting the restaurant. From the amicable bartenders to the eclectic staff of servers, Seva gives special treatment to every customer who comes through the door. The Seva community extends beyond the restaurants as well; patrons who travel with their Seva t-shirt to a foreign locale and snap a photo enjoy a complementary meal! (Check their wall map when your in there to see just how far Seva patrons have traveled around the world)

But as pleasing as the ambiance and employees may be, it still comes down to great food. Over thirty-eight years, Seva has earned their chops. Avalon is honored to be a supplier for such a well-regarded institution. Their owner, Maren, tried our bread elsewhere and sought us out to become one of their bread suppliers. (Don't you just love when relationships happen organically?) Whats great about our relationship is that helps bolster two local businesses while giving patrons 100% organic flour products in such delicious ways.

The scrumptious vegetarian reuben on Avalon rye

The options available to diners at Seva are ample and may even be daunting for the first time vegetarian eater. Their lasagna is a notorious diet buster (when it is available) and for breakfast you can't beat the tofu rancheros. The Seva chefs expand their menu every week with seasonal specials. The Happy Hour and Juice Bar specials have gained quite a following as well. As Trendler observes, “[Vegetarian and vegan] cuisine is hot right now. We adapt with the times and innovate based on our customers' interests.” Seva's relationship with Avalon is such a response. Along with continuing to innovate vegetarian food, they have begun to focus more on local and organic ingredients as well. Trendler remarked that in their new Detroit location, they will work to discover this community's specific wants and needs.  Its a testament to the vegetarian and foodie community as a whole in that even though veggie food is in, really its a way of opening better living habits and more knowledge about where you food comes from.  Seva and Avalon both regard this as priorities so it only makes sense that we like them as much as they like us.

The beauty of Seva's strength therefore lies in their unique balance of consistency and adaptability: from starting a vegetarian restaurant before it was en vogue to joining the newly-emerging local food scene in Detroit. Avalon welcomes Seva to Detroit and encourages all of our breadheads to visit their flagship store in their downtown Ann Arbor location. Catch a bite before a late-night comedy show in the basement or stop by for a drink and some incredible vegetarian appetizers after work. Either way you'll leave with a happy palate and a warm sense of community.

Located at 314 E. Liberty

Hours are 11-9 Monday – Friday

11-10 Friday and Saturday

10-9 Sunday

More information can be found here :

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4 Responses to Seva and Avalon: A delicious pairing

  1. Ellen Wexler says:

    I am over the moon to have Seva coming to Detroit!!

  2. Rubbie Davis says:

    I will be happy when it opens, I can’t wait!!!

  3. Chuck Haas says:

    What’s the address of the new Seva.
    I can’t wait to visit.

  4. janice says:

    So exciting, Love Seva, but don’t get to Ann Arbor very often

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