V.O.B. – Andrea Blome!

The V.O.B. (Very Organic Breadhead) club is the best of the best Avalon customers, and our very first passport has been turned in and verified.  A hearty congratulations goes out to Andrea and Howard Blome  of Ann Arbor.

As our first VOB, Andrea will receive our first loaf of stollen for the season, delivered right to her door!. The second VOB is Andrea's husband Howard, who completed his passport shortly after Andrea. As VOB members, both Andrea and Howard will receive our new bright green VOB shopping bags and the highly coveted work shirts. Loyal Avalon fans, Andrea and Howard agreed to be featured in this week's blog entry.

Find out more about what makes VOB members tick!

When we first opened our doors in 1997, Andrea used to drive into Detroit weekly to purchase over a dozen loaves at a time direct from the bakery.  Over the years, as our retail reach  expanded throughout Ann Arbor, Andrea buys her breads fresh weekly from People's Food Coop, Arbor Farms or Plum Market.

Blome' s family goes through, about 2-3 loaves a week: mostly Motown Multigrain, Farnsworth Family Farm or one of the rye breads. Originally from Germany, the Blomes make good bread a priority in their kitchen. Andreas favorite bread pairing is Avalon rye bread straight up with honey, but she also boldly pairs the Motown Multigrain with fresh garlic, parsley and Leerdammer cheese .

How can you get  VOB status with only a few weeks left? A little secret from the Blomes: grab a few loaves to finish the passport and freeze the extra for a dreary winter day when you just can't make it to the store.  You can find all our retail outlets here and all further information about the VOB campaign here. We thank the Blomes for being both our very first Very Organic Breadheads and for letting us tell a little bit of their story.  Now get out there and grab those stickers up before Thanksgiving frenzies make it the hottest loaf of bread this side of the "313".

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