Valentine’s Day: Lover or Hater?

Who doesn’t love Valentines Day? Umm... Everyone Who Hates It?

In the celebration of Valentine’s, we want to know if Detroit has more “lovers” or “haters.” Avalon is offering traditional heart shaped shortbread cookies from February 1st through February 14th.

For the lovers, we offer cookies with acronyms like:
♥ rmw = rock my world
♥ yst = you sexy thing
♥ lyf = love you forever
♥ me = my everything

For the haters we offer cookies with acronyms like:
♥ mfits = more fish in the sea
♥ yhyc = you had your chance
♥ bda = better days ahead
♥ has = happy and single

To participate, all you have to do is come visit us at Avalon on Willis or on the Boulevard or at our Hearth to Home Mail Order page from February 1st through the 14th. Find the acronym you like best and purchase that cookie. $3.00 for one cookie = one vote. More cookies=more votes.  $30.00 per dozen. You can even order half and half if that’s how you roll!

And if you have an acronym that you want us to use, tell us about it! Share it with us on facebook, instagram, or twitter with #loversvshaters or send us an email at
Let’s see if Detroit gets to keep Cupid’s Arrow or if Cupid will demand it back! Enjoying a scrumptious all-butter shortbread cookie makes us all lovers, whether we celebrate Valentine’s Day or not!

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