Becoming . . . President of the United States

I am 13 years old and will be the first from my family to go to college. How do I already know I’ll go to college? It’s because of the Asset Building Project, which is part of AFG’s Prevention Program. Through the Asset Building Project, I am preparing financially, academically, and culturally to reach my educational goals after high school. Although I have big dreams, I realize that there are many obstacles that could potentially block me from reaching my goals. The cost of tuition, books, room and board, transportation, food, and the overall transition into a new environment can be overwhelming for anyone.

However, because of the Asset Building Project, I now have the tools and confidence to aim higher. AFG helped opened a college savings account for all of the participants enrolled. My family and I made a commitment to deposit a minimum of $5.00 per week into the savings account. Not only am I learning how to save for college, but we also go on college tours, participate in financial literacy workshops, learn how to apply for scholarships and financial aid and so much more. Because of this program, I am on the path to achieving my dream of becoming President of the United States. One day I hope to be the first AFG participant in the Oval Office!

- Maria

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*Name and image have been changed to protect her safety

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