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We are a diverse staff, where 45 people from myriad backgrounds, races, skills and resources work 'round the clock in a mere 2,000 square feet, creating the best products possible with dedication, humor and warmth.

At 8 p.m., the first baker starts hand-cracking 30 dozen eggs and unwrapping 50 pounds of sweet cream butter... for just the brioche mix alone! Mixing, shaping, scooping and baking into the wee hours of the morning, this hard-working team keeps up with a constantly increasing production demand while consistently developing new products….all before sunrise!
Members: 5
Tattoos: 40
Favorite Avalon Food: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie, vegan cookies
Favorite Part of Job: people, people, people
Least Favorite Part: space, space, space

From 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., these guys transform the retail area (all 600 square feet of it) into a wholesale warehouse. Well, sort of. Somehow, they make it all happen by sunrise: counting, sorting, packing, slicing, bagging, toting, and checking and double checking orders for 40 restaurants and markets.

Members: 4
Tattoos: 15
Favorite Avalon Food: Scallion Dill bread (with spaghetti); Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie
Favorite Part of Job: flexibility, understanding, communication
Least Favorite Part: lack of sufficient number of totes
Favorite Music: Hip Hop, old 70's, R & B
Team Spirit: “We get it done under any circumstances.”

As the sweets bakers pull the last sticky buns out of the oven, the savory team begins prepping for fresh, seasonal sandwiches and salads. They source from the many local urban and rural farms when possible, constantly creating new seasonal menus that include quiches, focaccias, tarts and breakfast sandwiches. Without a formal kitchen, they sure do a lot with a little, doubling in size in the last year. Way to make that panini grill work!
Members: 3
Tattoos: 5
Favorite Avalon Food: Vegan Trail Mix cookie, Sea Salt Chocolate Chip (what else?), and Roma sandwich
Favorite Part of Job: people, creativity, atmosphere
Least Favorite Part: tardiness, some of the music…
Favorite Music: Blues, Jazz, Trip Hop, and R&B

Their day starts before most of us are stirring, transforming a makeshift wholesale packing area back into a retail bakery. They are a beehive of activity, brewing coffee, artfully displaying products and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning until the clock strikes six. Regular customers have become old friends. The retail team works hard and laughs often, bantering with the production crew and customers and greeting each person who comes through the door with something sweet.
Members: 11
Tattoos: 1
Favorite Avalon Food: Chocolate Brioche, Cherry Walnut Bread, Cookie, Double Latte, Apple Butter Muffin and, of course, Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie!
Favorite Part of Job: free bread, customers, fellow employees, atmosphere, making great coffee
Least Favorite Part: space, space, space, and the never-ending coating of flour
Music: 70's, Motown, Isley Brothers, Al Green (old school soul), Early 90's Indie Rock
Traits: quirky, artistic, goofy and intense
Team Spirit: “We might not agree all the time, but we always find that little bit of sunshine.”

The drivers start the first shift each morning, arriving at the bakery well before dawn. There are dozens of restaurant and market orders to check and deliver. The trucks pull out as the retail customers start to pour in, and neither snow nor sleet nor stolen catalytic converters stop our drivers from delivering to Avalon bread-heads from east to west and back by noon!
Members: 4
Tattoos: 3
Favorite Avalon Food: Blueberry Buckle Coffee Cake, Stollen, Roma Sandwich, Greek Focaccia, Sea Salt Cookie.
Favorite Part of Job: people, fun work environment, customers
Least Favorite Part: early hours, working holidays
Radio Stations: 102.7, Country 99.5, The River 93.9, WDET
Philosophy: “Our Dodge Sprinter truck is dubbed “Atlantis” because it looks like the space shuttle and much like NASA, we don’t believe in barriers because we are ALWAYS BREAKING THEM DOWN!”

The bread teams' work is a mantra: transforming the most basic ingredients into thousands of loaves of beautiful, delicious bread, again and again. Their daunting challenge is to create consistent results out of changing variables: temperature, humidity, even protein content of the flour. They are the hearth of the hearth: the men you see mixing and benching all day and baking well into the night...Give thanks to those who make our daily bread.
Members: 7
Tattoos: 13
Favorite Avalon Food: raw cookie dough, Vegan Carrot Cake, Scallion Dill, Multigrain breads
Favorite Part of Job: the bakery as community gathering place, the people
Least Favorite Part: space, floors
Most Years of Baking Experience: 17 years
Youngest Age Starting at Avalon: 14 (with mom's permission, of course!)
Favorite Music: rap, everything except heavy metal
Most Notable Trait: laughter

The Avalon office is the size of a walk in closet. Two computers and two phones are constantly in use by up to 5 people who answer questions, take orders, generate production numbers and financials, create invoices, pay bills, and manage a staff of 45. Good music (especially soul and r & b) is a mainstay; a sense of humor is a must. Owners, managers and administrators learn a lot about each other while running a business in a 4 x 10 foot box with no windows.
Members: 5
Tattoos: 4
Music: Old school jazz, R & B, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, news on WDET
Favorite Avalon Food: Second St. Tuna (on Scallion Dill), Vegan Oatmeal Raisin, Bolillo roll and whatever is day-old;
Thing They Can't Live Without: cappuccinos, Meaning of Life coffee,
What They Wish They Didn't Have to Live Without: windows! space!

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