Triple Bottom Line: Earth, Community, Employees

Photo by Romain Blanquart

Avalon International Breads is a “right livelihood business” which means that we have three bottom lines that inform every aspect of our business.

Our promise: 100% organic flour in everything we make, every day. Our commitment: organic ingredients when possible, local ingredients whenever feasible, and environmentally friendly practices at every opportunity.

We aspire to create an oasis of healing and compassion in a world that is sorely in need. We support organizations and projects that create a healthier, more vibrant Detroit.

Commitment to the health and well being of our employees means fair wages, good benefits and an environment that encourages growth. By working at a “right livelihood business,” all of us at Avalon benefit from an opportunity to live a life bigger than ourselves.

To learn more about right livelihood businesses, visit and read “Building a Business the Buddhist Way,” by Geri Larkin.

Want to dig a little deeper? Read on to find out the details about how we roll... Click here

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