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Record breaking morning at Selma Cafe with Jolly Pumpkin & Avalon International Breads::188!

Guest Blogger: Lisa Gottlieb Jackie Victor, co-owner of Avalon International Bread, holding a plate of Challah Praline French toast. Melanie Adams, with Jolly Pumpkin’s Maggie Long. Avalon staff Curtis Wooter, Elizabeth Jahl, Jackie Vector, Lesley O’Connel, Emma O’Connel, Lauren Trendler … Continue reading

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Avalon in Ann Arbor

It seems like just yesterday that I was running soft whole wheat loaves of yeasty bread through the faded green bread slicer at Wildflour Bakery in Ann Arbor. I watched in awe and delight as co-founder Annie, in her long … Continue reading

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