Bread Dough Dollars!

Join Avalon’s Capital Raising Program

“Bread Dough Dollars.”

If you believe, as we do, that interconnected, local living economies that function in harmony with local ecosystems, meet the basic needs of all people, support just and democratic societies, and foster joyful community life. Then invest in us and buy some Bread Dough Dollars.

Or maybe you just want others to “Eat Well,” too.

Then you can help -

Be a - Bread Dough Investor! (BDI)

When you invest your dough in our Bread Dough Dollars you become a permanent part of the Avalon success story!  For each dollar you invest, you will receive one Bread Dough Dollar that you can combine with two dollars cash to purchase Avalon’s products.

But . . . that’s not all . . . every bread dough investor ($5 minimum investment) is proudly and permanently listed on our website . . . with much gratitude and appreciation!!!


When you invest $25 you also get a prominent listing on the wall of our new Bakehouse . . . and you will be invited to a special viewing and tour.

When you invest $50, you will also get an official Avalon Coffee Cup.

With your $100 investment, you receive the COOLEST Avalon T-Shirt and a daily cup of our Meaning of Life coffee for one week.

Help us spread the word!

Refer friends and family to this important program.

Your Bread Dough Dollars will always be honored but our capital program ends December 2012.

Bread Dough Dollars

Click here if you would like to discuss being a Bread Dough Investor with one of our team members.

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