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Eat Well. Do Good. Cafe

As in all things Avalon, it's not simple. A website for sales? Yeah, but...We've never just been about business. It is because of our explicit commitment to values, that an amazing community has emerged through Avalon, almost magically. Now that we're online, we don't envision taking the show on the virtual road. There are muffins to eat, cappuccinos to drink and friends to see at the bakery on Willis.

Our shared values "eat well. do good" reflect more than a sales strategy. It is a commitment from us that we will continue to foster both. Eat Well. Do Good. Cafe is our first attempt to take these value online. We will invite guest "provocateurs" to initiate conversations, challenge ideas, impart wisdom, experience, and inspiration. We invite you, the community, to respond and take the conversation to the next level. If there was a time for collaboration in Detroit, it is now.

The world is watching us. We have the seeds of a new economy and an emerging local food movement. But we also have daunting needs and myriad contradictions that must inform our path. Meet me at the Eat Well. Do Good. Cafe is a challenge to share our ideas for living a joyful and healthy life through the growing, cooking, production and eating of food; and a call to arms for co-creating a movement and a city that is just, sustainable and inclusive.

It's a daunting goal. But then, if anyone can pull it off, it's Detroit. And if any community can get the ball rolling, it's you.

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