Meaning of Life Coffee Bar
Avalon’s coffee bar is a constant flow of creamy espresso shots, foamy milk and good old fashioned Joe (or is it Josephine?). Roasted in the Italian tradition, Caffe D’Arte Meaning of Life coffee is our house brew: dark, rich and delicious. Capri Southern Italian blend espresso makes the best espresso shot that we’ve found. To that impressive line up, we’ve added organic, fair trade choices: Equal Exchange Organic Ethiopian with a complex, fruity note and Mountain Country Coffee Organic Guatamalan blend, a lighter, well balanced coffee with a pleasant aftertaste. All of our coffees are available by the cup or by the pound.
You can’t live on bread alone. That’s why we serve a great cup of coffee.

  12 oz 16 oz
A Cup of "Josephine" $1.35 $1.85
Espresso: $1.55 (s) $1.80 (d)

Creamy, rich Capri espresso with equal parts steamed milk and foam

$2.75 $3.45
Espresso with two parts steamed milk and a touch of foam
$2.75 $3.45
Red Eye:
Espresso in a cup of "Josephine" of your choice
$2.00 $2.30
Espresso in hot water, the strength of a cup of Jo with the complexity of espresso
$1.85 $2.15
Espresso with a dollop of foam
$2.20 $2.75
Harney and Sons Hot Tea:
Choice of: Cinnamon Spice, Japanese SEncha, Decaffeinated Ceylon, Orange Pekoe, Darjeeling, EArl Grey, English Breakfast or Peppermint
$1.25 $1.35
Hot Chocolate:
Ghiradelli cocoa powder steamed with milk, topped with whipped cream on request
$2.50 $3.15
A little something extra?
Soy milk, extra espresso shots and flavor shots
.47 /each  

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