A bakery is a living metaphor: a hearth, a place to “break bread." But metaphors don’t change the world and nor rebuild a city.
We wanted to make bread.

But not just any bread; bread that would nourish bodies and delight the senses. In the hands of a skilled baker (of which we now employ many), the simplest of ingredients - flour, water and salt - can be transformed into food that is delicious, nutritious, affordable and universally loved.

Natural fermentation (or sourdough) creates a wonderful flavor contrast to most any foods and transforms wheat gluten into a healthier food, rich with amino acids (proteins), complex carbohydrate (a super-efficient source of energy), B vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium, and maltase. We bake over 15 varieties of bread; some with sourdough starters made of white, whole wheat or rye flours; some with a slow-rising yeast starter - a poolish; and some with simple commercial yeast. Artisan breads are baked directly on the hearth while challah and “313” breads (softer, yeasted breads) are baked in pans.

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Farnsworth Family Farm Farnsworth Family Farm
Named after Detroit's eastside farming neighborhood, this chewy sourdough is Avalon's house bread, and kid's favorite.

motown_multigrainMotown Multigrain
Organic grains, seeds and flours blend with sea salt to provide doo-wop taste for the hippest bread in town! Avalon’s best-selling bread.

wheatywheatWheaty Wheat
Sweet, nutty flavor of the whole grain is complemented by the light tang of our whole-wheat starter dough. This is what real wheat tastes like “au natural.”

russellstreetItalianRussell Street Rustic Italian
Romanesque white bread with a light tangy taste and a thin, crispy crust. A hint of olive oil lends a creamy flavor; a touch of rye flour gives it earthy sophistication. Perfect for bruschetta, pastas, and sandwiches.
Pontchartrain PumpernickelPontchartrain Pumpernickel
This dark rye bread of Eastern European origin has found a home in American sandwich lore. It loves cured meats, cheeses and even Pb&j. You kept asking...we listened!

dexterdavison.jpgDexter Davison Rye
An Old World rye bread named after a mid-century Detroit jewish neighborhood and the beloved namesake bakery. This sourdough with caraway seeds screams for corned beef. Breakfast toast with butter or cream cheese is also undeniably good. If you’ve heard folks call rye bread “corn bread,” this is it, referencing the corn meal dusted on the crust to prevent the finicky rye dough from sticking. Devotees swear that they can’t live without it.
poletownRye.jpgPoletown Rye
Simple, unfettered ingredients highlight the delicious, earthy taste of whole rye flour. The tight crumb holds up to sandwiches, toast, eggs and any fixings you can throw at it. Like the Hamtramck neighborhood it heralds from, this bread is straightforward and hearty.

mackave_marble.jpgMack Avenue Marble Rye
A simple rye with a little molasses mixed in for beauty and taste. As lovely to look at as it is to eat.
Yeasted Starter (Poolish)
gratiot_ciabiatta.jpgGratiot Street Ciabatta
Ciabatta (chuh-ba-ta) means “shoe” in Italian due to its misshapen appearance. Light and chewy. Rip and dip! Great for bruschetta and garlic bread too.
lafayette_fr_baguette.jpgLafayette French Baguette
Ahh...the lithe baguette. Delicate and temperamental, but too delicious to overlook. The obvious choice with any cheeses or dips, or served hot and crispy with sweet cream butter and sea salt. What is not so obvious: slice lengthwise the next day, toast lightly and slather with butter and a little sea salt. Let Paris come to you.
woodbridge_wheat_bagWoodbridge Whole Wheat Baguette.
Tucked away near Wayne State University is an eclectic, vibrant, historic neighborhood. A little artsy...a little aristocratic...a little hearty...yet light at heart. Get it? Baguette with whole grains? Detroit’s got it all: good bread and good people. It’s all good.
rockingredaleRocking Red Ale Beer Bread
Avalon and Grizzly Peak Brewing Company (Ann Arbor) present a beer bread with a malty smooth taste and a caramel bouquet. A strong aromatic bread with an open crumb, the “pint sized” loaf is perfect to polish off with dinner..and no leftovers!
Our “Fancy Pants Breads” (sourdoughs)
paradiseValleyParadise Valley Raisin Pecan
Named after the hub of African American commerce and culture in mid-20th century Detroit, this Avalon classic heralds dark, sweet organic raisins and southern pecans. A symphony of contrasts with a sharp cheddar cheese. Scottish cheddar perhaps? Trust us on this one.

Cranberry_OrangeQuintessentially Cranberry Orange
Dried cranberries & fresh orange zest with plenty of holiday spirit. Think winter mornings. Think cream cheese. Think leftover turkey. Only available November and December. Think fast.
palmer_parkPalmer Park Pain Aux Noix
A French sourdough bread with walnuts sounds pretty simple, but the complex flavors and textures make this bread a standout. How do we serve thee? Let us count the ways: compliments a soft, triple cream brie, beef tenderloin, PB & J or a complex salad. Like the Palmer Park neighborhood, this bread is very uptown.

Corktown_cinnCorktown Cinnamon Raisin
Dark, sweet organic raisins and yummy cinnamon. No added sugar here. Sturdy enough for some slammin’ french toast. Corktown historic district is a little sweet with a little spice, just like the bread.

leelanauCherryLeelanau Cherry Walnut
Savor the sweet tang of Northern Michigan dried cherries with the crunch of walnuts in our house sourdough bread. Poultry, pungent cheeses or dressed-up buttered toast: “fancy pants” bread for sure.
A Little Bit Softer Now….(yeasted)
hastingst_challahHastings Street Challah
What started as a way to celebrate Friday night Sabbath in Jewish homes throughout the world has become a cross-cultural favorite. This soft egg bread makes each meal special: from Friday night dinner to french toast the next morning to peanut butter and jelly for Saturday lunch. If you run out quickly, you’re in luck: it’s not just for Fridays anymore.

313Bread“313” Bread
We don’t make Wonder bread of course, but sometimes life requires a soft, easy bread that you can roll into little balls or use to bribe your kids into eating a sandwich. “313” is our answer: Canola oil, sea salt, yeast, flour and a little bit of sugar to sweeten the deal. Accessible, versatile, delicious...and still made with 100% organic flour. What could be bad
313 Burger Buns
The only locally-made burger bun made from 100% organic flour. Exalts every burger it graces. Also available with onion or onion poppy seed.

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