V.O.B. (Very Organic Breadhead)

Welcome to the Avalon’s new V.O.B. (Very Organic Breadhead) Club: the truly elite of Avalon breadheads. From September through Dec. 31, 2011 “V.O.B.” stickers will appear on Avalon bread bags, exclusively in the V.O.B. markets throughout Ann Arbor and Detroit. Each sticker goes in the passport, getting you one step closer to V.O.B status. You have the the rest of 2011 to complete your passport, so start making sandwiches!

Once you complete the VOB passport and return your V.O.B. credentials, you’ll get :
• A free, super-fly, members-only Avalon “V.O.B” work shirt
• Entry into a drawing for the first ever VOB Underground Food Tours in Ann Arbor and metro Detroit: guided food tours of some of the best and best kept secrets from VOB restaurants and food artisans in Southeastern Michigan

As an Avalon V.O.B. Member, and part of the Avalon inner circle, you will receive:
• Recipes and bread-use tips from top VOB foodies
• Secrets from VOB Detroiters about hidden Detroit jewels and happenings.
• Other super-cool stuff that we are not at liberty to disclose…but you’ll love.

Download the VOB passport HERE.

So I buy these loaves of bread, what do I get?
Well first of all everyone gets great 100% organic flour in their sandwiches, bruschetta, garlic bread, bread pudding, burger buns, and more and more uses. Secondly you get prizes along the way from the shop for completing certain sections. 5 loaves and corresponding stickers gets you an Avalon temporary tattoo, 14 stickers (our age....) and you get a free canvas VOB shopping bag, and 20 loaves with each sticker in place and you get the first and only offering of the Avalon Very Organic Breadhead work shirt, complete with front pocket and great local printers Inkinbloom water-based printed VOB logos. Entry into the GRAND PRIZE of with your completed passport filled out and turned in you are entered into... drumroll please... the first ever Underground Food Tours of Detroit and Ann Arbor. Back-door entrance into some of the best restaurants around that use and expand impressively on Avalon bread. Winners will be chosen at the end of the year, and you may enter as many finished passports as you like.

If I buy Avalon bread at the bakery, can I get stickers there?
We love seeing every single face over the Avalon counter and we will have plenty of passports available there. But this is a campaign to support the local businesses who go out of their way to offer Avalon breads. Check out the elite list of "V.O.B." markets and Farmers Markets outside of the shop. They are the ONLY place you will find VOB stickers on Avalon breads.

What are the ways to redeem the prizes?
You get the prizes by either bringing your stamped passport into the shop on Willis, mailing it to us at 422 W.Willis, Detroit 48201, or scanning and emailing it to wholesale@avalonbreads.net . You can redeem your prizes along the way or get them all at the end. We're easy!

Keep an eye out on this page and our blog for more information and the beginning of the Very Organic Breadhead benefits such as recipes, deals, secrets and more.

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