Avalon is Celebrating 15 Years of Eat Well, Do Good with our West Willis Village neighbors!

Avalon and our West Willis Village neighbors kick off the summer on June 16 with a sidewalk social. Help celebrate the collective birthdays of the West Willis Village with the best in music, art, fashion, food, fun and of course, Avalon birthday cupcakes!

Avalon is 15 years old and we have much to celebrate. What was once a lonely outpost on Cass and Willis is now the center of "Midtown": the hub of new business and culture in Detroit.Now there are twenty two businesses within a 3 block radius with dozens more on the way; hundreds of new and newly-renovated residential living spaces house workers, students, artists, professionals and recent retirees.

With many exciting changes on the way, this year's celebration is a relaxed gathering of the "Willis Village" businesses and the communities we hold dear, with some hints of exciting things to come. Join us to savor the special memories of our past and celebrate our future together.


Highlights include:

A Very Special Avalon Birthday Menu

Sweet & Salty Cocoa Roll
Toasted Sesame Garlic Chive Bun
Wheat Berry Flat Bread

"Stupid Jerk" Chicken, marinated in sweet and smokey spices charred scallion, habanero, ginger, garlic and licorice stick served with sweet and sour mango marmalade. (Sweet & Salty Cocoa Roll)

"Korean BBQ Brisket" marinated in sweet soy, citrus, ginger, sesame, honey and bead molasses, served with quick 3 cabbage Kimchi and our rich citrus, lemongrass accented barbecue sauce.

Lentil & Garbanzo Kefta steamed and ground lentils and garbanzos seasoned with allspice, cumin, garlic, parsley and olive oil served with house made cucumber mint "Avocado Yogurt" tomato salad and hummus.

and from our "Willis Village" neighbors

Del Pryor Gallery: Jazz with poetry and photographs
Flo: Featuring Detroit artists wares and Flo-a-licious
Tulani Rose: Meet and Greet with native Detroiter Jillian Stewart, creator of Herbal Songtress all natural hair & body care product line. 2-4pm
Source Book Sellers: Tarot Readings and more...

DJ Reggae
DJ House
Jazz Live
Quartet Classical

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