Rocking Red Ale Beer Bread

Avalon and Grizzly Peak Brewing Company (Ann Arbor) present a beer bread with a malty smooth taste and a caramel bouquet. A strong aromatic bread with an open crumb, the “pint sized” loaf is perfect to polish off with dinner..and no leftovers!

On special for: $2.95
Regularly: $3.40

American Spoon Foods Pumpkin Butter and Apple Butter

Enjoy the bounty of Michigan Fruits with American Spoon Foods, made in Northern Michigan founded by one of Detroit's own, Justin Rashid!

Sale: $ 7.95
Reg: $ 8.95

Dutch Apple, Mixed Berry, and Pumpkin Pies!

Our famous all-butter crust is back! Topped with your choice of Michigan apples, a mixture of sweet and tart berries, or custardy pumpkin- these pies are delicious! Just in time for those fall leaves and harvest potluck season!

$18/ pie

Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!

Seasonal Specials

Pumpkin Muffins

One of the most popular muffins in Avalon’s history! $2.65

Apple Cranberry Bar

Your favorite vegan fruit bar with seasonal apples and dotted with pink cranberries. $3.65

Almond Pear Scone

Flakey, buttery pastry studded with pears and sliced almonds. $3.60

Caramel Apple Brioche

It’s apple time! We’ve heightened our apple game by topping our classic brioche with a cream cheese filling, Michigan apples, and a drizzle of housemade caramel.. $3.65

Old World Sun-dried Tomato Scone

Rich and smoky sun-dried tomato flavor balances so well with the garden fresh basil in this savory scone. It makes for a perfect side to soup, salad, or alone for a light mid-day snack. $3.60

Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Brioche

Smooth sweet potato and tangy goat cheese take this brioche to the next level. Perfect for those who don’t want anything too sweet for breakfast, or a mid-afternoon snack. $3.65

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie

Every little bit of the pumpkin you’re craving this fall! $2.75

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