June Specials

Farnsworth Family Farm Bread

Our Farnsworth Family Farm Bread is named after Detroit's eastside farming neighborhood. This chewy sourdough is Avalon's house bread made with 80% white flour and 20% whole wheat flour.  *Lesley's and Curt's favorite.
Regularly: $4.50/ $6.75
On special for: $3.65/ $5.45

Greektown Olive Bread

Whole kalamata olives are kneaded into Rustic Italian bread. *Tim's favorite. Regularly $6.80, on special for $5.50.

Beaubien Blueberry Buckle


Cadillac Chocolate Cake

Cold Pressed Coffee

Purely Peanut Butter Cookie

Lemon Blueberry Scone

Light coffee cake packed with blueberries and a light, streusel topping. We hope that Grandma is proud of us. *Little Jay's favorite. Regularly $3.95, on special for $3.20.

Baked eggs, corned beef, and swiss cheese on a tender roasted poblano and cheddar scone. *Chris's favorite. Regularly $4.25, on special for $3.45.

We have discovered that great chocolate can be even better without dairy products to compete for flavor. This super-moist vegan chocolate cake is has a wonderfully clean, chocolate taste . The coffee in the frosting creates deliciously complex, slightly smoky notes. *Jackie's and Glenn's favorite. Regularly $3.40, on special for $2.75.

Silky cold-brewed coffee creates an incredibly rich and smooth depth. *Adeeb's favorite. **Add Calder's chocolate milk and make it Gabby's favorite. Regularly $4.00, on special for $3.25.

Organic peanut butter and our not-so-secret ingredient: a touch of coffee. Big, chewy, ever-so-slightly doughy in the middle. It’s hard to make your way through a whole one. Then again, it’s hard not to. *Dave's favorite. Regularly $2.35, on special for $1.90.

Fresh lemon zest and blueberries to create a sweet and fresh contrast. *Artesia's favorite. Regularly $2.35, on special for $1.90.

Seasonal Specials

Carrot Pineapple Muffins

One of the most popular muffins in Avalon’s history! Vegan. $2.65

Peach Apricot Bar

Glowing with goodness, this vegan fruit bar features juicy stone fruit, Michigan maple syrup, and organic oats. Everything about our new fruit bar is just darn peachy! $3.65

Blackberry Buckwheat Scone

Buckwheat is not just for pancakes! It also makes a tender and moist scone. Filled with fresh blackberries and just a touch of thyme, this new scone is a tasty way to start your morning.

Strawberry Rhubarb Brioche

Rain showers, the first robin sighting, and pretty pink rhubarb popping out of the ground are all sure signs that spring is on its way! Our new fruity brioche has a hearty helping of strawberry rhubarb jam on a nest of brioche and cream. $3.25

Southwest Detroit Scone

Reminiscent of cornbread, but even better! This cheesey scone with poblano peppers and fresh cilantro has great flavor on its own, or dipped into a hot cup of chili! $3.25

Savory Onion Brioche with Goat Cheese

Everyone loves a savory treat and this all-new extra special brioche is made with buckwheat and rye flour. It’s topped with goat cheese and housemade onion jam, and it is a great light snack or side dish with a spring salad. $3.75

Strawberry Shortcake Whoopie Pie

The taste sensation of strawberry shortcake in dainty little round! The light almond cake makes a great accompaniment to the creamy berry filling; you won’t be able to eat just one. $2.25

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