Motown Multigrain | Our most popular bread made with 50% whole wheat flour, a whole wheat and a white sourdough starter, whole wheat berries, rye berries, sunflower seeds and flax seeds. 1 lb loaf reg $4.75, on special for $3.75. 2 lb loaf reg $7.60 on special for $5.95

Vegan Carrot Cake | “Cass Avenue” Carrot Cake with a “cream cheese” frosting. hearty and moist with a vegan “cream cheese frosting” without the cream! Regularly $3.60 per piece, on special for $2.90.

Vegan Chocolate Snack Cake | “I Can’t Believe it’s Vegan” Chocolate Snack Cake rich and moist, with a slightly smoky chocolate frosting that’s so delicious, you can’t believe it’s vegan! Regularly $3.60 per piece, on special for $2.90

Cookie Packs | From our hearth to your home and lunchbox! We are now selling two oatmeal raisin or dequindre cut trail mix cookies pre-packaged, or packages of eight oatmeal raisin, dequindre cut trail mix, sea salt chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, or varied vegan cookies. 2-packs are $3.75 and 8 packs are $6.75

Seasonal Specials:

Banana Nut Muffins | A delicious vegan classic with our Avalon touch. $2.65

Apricot Peach Bar | A taste of summer in spring, these vegan apricot peach bars will bring some sunshine into your life. $2.65 or 2 for $5

Mandarin Orange Sticky Buns | Pair our mandarin orange sticky buns with a cup of coffee or tea for a bright spring breakfast. $2.95

Rosemary Lemon Scones | These lemon scones with a delicate touch of rosemary are baked fresh for you to enjoy. $3.40

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich | Babaganoush, roasted red peppers and arugula on “313” organic wheat roll  $3.50

Think Spring, Think Green Frittata Sandwich| Roasted asparagus, green peas, green onions with goat cheese spread on a Hasting Street Challah $4.25

Parisian Sandwich| Ham, brie, arugula, pickled red onions and honey mustard on Table Baguette $7.25

T&T (traditional tuna) Sandwich | Celery, red onion, Italian parsley, mayonnaise, whole grain mustard on Russell Street Rustic Italian $7.25

Mid East Kale Salad | Kale, garbanzo beans, lentils, red onions with tofu marinated in Middle Eastern Spices (zattar, sumac, garlic, thyme and oregano) $5.95

Green Machine Salad | Roasted asparagus, peas, green onions and goat cheese over a bed of baby leaf spinach. $5.95

Spring Forward Toast Bar Menu!

Toast #1 | Egg salad with roasted spinach on Motown Multigrain Toast

Toast #2 | Strawberries and Cream Toast

Toast #3 | Vanilla infused cream cheese, Strawberry Slow Jam on Farnsworth Family Farm Toast

Toast #4 | Paradise Valley Raisin Pecan Toast with sweet cream butter and  Irish Cheddar

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